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Hi All!

We now have a forum, You can Register, and then post all you want. Be Sure to follow all of the rules! See: . I am on there quite often, so if you have any questions Contact me Via a PM, or the Contact Josh section of this site. WOW! That was a short post today… Be back again sometime this week. Oh, Before I forget… Meebo posted another Post in their blog. It was some information from Matt, and Vijay. See the Post:


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iCarly – New Nick Show

September 14, 2007 at 7:17 pm | Posted in iCarly, News, Nick, Technology, Update | 4 Comments

This is sort of Related to Technology thanks to Freddy (AKA Nathan Kress). The New Nick show ‘iCarly‘ has 2 Episodes Aired already, and a new one every week. The Stars: Nathan Kress, Miranda Cosgrove, Jennette McCurdy, and Jerry Trainor. Nathan is Freddy, Miranda is Carly, Jennette is Sam, and Jerry is Spencer… There will be 40 Episodes in the first season according to Jennette’s Journal Page. New Episodes will air on Sunday Nights at 7:30 pm EST. You can View the ‘iCarly‘ site on too! See the Nickelodeon Schedule: If I get any comments about the show Via Email they will be posted on the ‘iCarly’ Comments page here, and all comments via the site will be linked to the comments section will be sent to iCarly via feedback or comment of a show with a link. If anyone has feedback for iCarly go here, and all iCarly iBios are here. iCarly Meebo Room.I am hoping to be an Actor Soon. Maybe I will be on a Nick Show, Keep an eye on each Blog. This one, and my other blog. There might be several posts about this show, so keep close. Until Later…


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Meebo Release 31 – File Transferring

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Hello All!

As a Meebo user, I think it is my job to spread the word about the latest news, and features. Since I already said Happy Birthday to Meebo through the Post Earlier tonight, I will talk about the latest Meebo Feature, File Transferring. Probably one of Meebo’s top user suggestion was ‘File Transferring’, Finally! – Meebo has added it to the Feature Line! – See Meebo’s Blog post here: You must be a Meebo user to use the File Transferring feature, along with that it will send a link to the file.

To send a file:

1. Start an IM Conversation

2. Click the Green Arrow

3. Select the File you wish to send

4. It should send a link to the User, and they can open the file from the link!

Questions are always welcomed to me, the Meebo team, Forum users, and Forum Mods.


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Meebo & Wetpaint Update

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First of all Happy Birthday! 2 Years ago today Meebo was available to the public, See Meebo’s Blog Post: Meebo Great idea to go with File Transferring for the newest feature. For the Wetpaint update, There is no new Wetpaint news. But, Keep your eye on the blog because there should be a new Wetpaint release in the next couple of Weeks, if not this coming up week. Don’t forget to check out Wetpaint’s Blog. See: I will be keeping you updated with Meebo, and Wetpaint with the latest news, and Features! Until Later…

P.S. I should have another post later today on the subject: Meebo, about their Newest Feature, File Transferring!


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Go Wetpaint!

August 30, 2007 at 10:20 pm | Posted in News, Technology, Update, Wetpaint | Leave a comment

Great Job Wetpaint! – Why you ask.

Wetpaint released Site Templates. Get all of the Details here. Site templates are great, and they plan on adding a few more soon. Keep your eye close to this blog for the latest on Wetpaint, the iPhone, the iPod, Meebo, and much more, or Just Bookmark the RSS feed. Thats it for now.

P.S. I will be adding some cool little helpful tips on using Meebo, and Wetpaint soon.


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